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Vincenzo Ligorio

Academic coordinator- Module Leader: He Hold a PhD in International Relations since 2010 from the University of Salento (Italy), where previously he graduated in Political Science and International Relations. After his doctoral studies he earned a post doctoral specialisation scholarship (in International Economy) from the Higher School of Economics of Moscow where subsequently became an assistant professor.

In parallel with his scientific and academic position he cooperated  as assistant with the Team leader of TACIS program in Russian Federation and other former soviet countries, position that enable Dr. Ligorio to put into practice his theoretical knowledge regarding the process of democratization of a sovereign country, process of integration (in European terms) and reforms implementation. He is an independent political advisor for political parties in Europe and an economic advisor in Moscow for many diplomatic bodies,(providing reports, policies proposal and lecturing). As Analyst and Advisor he cooperated till September 2017 with the Hungarian National Trade House (under the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade), providing a relevant support to the Russian and Mongolian filial.

Currently he is a full-time Associate professor at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics as well as Vice-Dean and part-time Associate Professor at Financial University in Moscow and at the Presidential Academy of National Economy and BA in Moscow. Furthermore he is Visiting Professor at Higher School of Economics of Moscow where he holds lectures such as : EU in the World, European and International Public Policy, etc.

He takes part in many international conferences, forum and round table as speaker focusing on themes such as international economy, international relations as well international cooperation and aid (new forms and patterns).

He speaks fluently Italian, English, Russian and intermediate level Spanish, French and Arabian.

Elena Mayorova

Member of Teaching Staff: Senior lecturer at the Department of Trade Policy, MS in Economics. Currently she is working on PhD thesis on the influence of intangibles on economic and social performance of retail enterprises. Lecturing experience is 4 years; the field of lecturing is commerce. The list of publications includes more than 20 articles published in national and international journals. In 2015, she conducted research on perception of corporate social responsibility of retail by consumers in the Moscow region (PRUE grant for the young researchers).

Elena Rozhanskaia

Member of Teaching staff: Ph.D. in Economics (2012), the scientific research was devoted to economic cooperation between Czech Republic and Russian Federation. Since 2009 in teaching business courses at PRUE (Strategic and business planning, Foreign economic activity, Foreign direct investment, etc.). Currently works as an associate professor (International Business and Customs Department, PRUE) and a freelancer in international transportation company, thus can share personal experience in international business with students. In April 2016 participated in Erasmus+ Programme staff mobility for training in Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice (Czech Republic). As for current research projects, in April–July 2015 was a co-executor in scientific research “Proposals for measures of subsidizing the industry, taking into account international experience and the decisions of the body of the WTO dispute resolution on this issue”; in November–December 2016 “Main trends of development of the Eurasian Economic Union under the conditions of formation of integration megaprojects”.

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