European Higher Education and Scientific Institutions are  recognised between Russian academicians as source of inspiration for what concern research and teaching matters. For this reason EU studies represent an important bridge in order to connect Russian Federation, closer to the EU values and best practices in higher education system.

A tailored module as "European Union in the World" will directly impact the corresponding skills, knowledge and values of our whole organization. Multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary courses are not that often provided in Russian university or similar organizations, especially if these are delivered in foreign languages and are related with specific topics as those we are going to propose.

Our main activity will consist in development of multidisciplinary and tailored learning module called "EUROPEAN UNION IN THE WORLD" for bachelor and master students of the Faculty of Trade economics and commodity science, with a possible and expected involvement of students from other faculties/departments. The module will consist of different units which will be focusing of tEuropean oriented topics such as EU law, economic-social-political  integration, foreign policy and legislation, etc.

Addictional activities such as workshops and similar are planned for all the project duration in order to actively involve a greater pool of internal and external stakeholders.

Moreover, being present not only on the territory of Russia but counting different filials spread in CIS countries, our lectures and other activities will be uploaded on the (mandatory )web-portal specifically arragend in order to give a chance to be part of our project to all those students or other subjects that for geographical, logistic and costs reason will not be able to attend classes at our istitution in Moscow. This will allow our young researchers to deliver their courses to not usual public.

In regard to our team memeber we would remark that many attention had been paid on gender balance including two women out of three module memebers as well as in the equal distribution of teaching hours.

Furthermore, EUiW members will make all the possible efforts to involve actively policy makers, civil society and third parties in order to disseminate at all the level the importance of creating a greater interest in European studies.


NEWS!!! 12/19/2018

Dear Partecipants,


On Tuesday July 2nd at 17.20 

all the partecipants will be awarded with a Diploma of Partecipation


note: for all not Plekhanov's students please do not forget your passport in order to get in 







Learning Material 11/2/2018

Dear Students,

The invitation code for Google Classroom for the material of  Prof. E. Rozhanskaya is the following: dewxt7v

All the material used and useful for the first module "EU in the World" can be found on Google Classroom, using  7jiqr2 invitation code. 





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