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EU in the World

  1. In depth understanding of the course.
  2. Introduction: “Europe and its fathers’ Idea”
  3. Historical overview: from the origin till today
  4. Institutional overview of the EU : functioning
  5. History of the European economic integration
  6. Common Currency and Economic Policies
  7. Historical overview of the EU foreign policy development
  8. Instrument of EU’s foreign policy
  9. Geo-economic/politic area of interest and EU’s actions
  10. EU-Russia relations : past, present and future chances of multi-sectorial cooperation (Economic, Political, Defence, Security, Environment)


EU-Russian business cooperation

  1. Business environment in EU and in Russia: evaluation tools and impact assessment
  2. Market entry modes for international business: Russian and European peculiarities
  3. Foreign economic policy in EU and in Russia
  4. Trade cooperation between Russia and EU countries
  5. FDIs role in EU-Russia economic relations
  6. Development of efficient EU-Russia partnership in the field of innovations and R&D
  7. Opportunities of EU-Russia cooperation in tourism industry
  8. Cooperation between the EU and Russia on transport issues
  9. Some promising areas of cooperation for Russian and EU companies
  10. Business strategy for a successful foreign trade deal: step-by-step process (business game)


Comparative CSR :EU-Russia.

  1. Overview of CSR and its features in retail. Evolution of the CSR concept. Contemporary approaches to defining CSR. CSR and sustainable development of retail business. The role and practices of CSR in European retailing.
  2. CSR management in retailing. CSR in the interaction with retailer’s stakeholders. Branding and CSR. Greenwashing. Best practices of European retailers in managing CSR.
  3. Regulation and best practice of CSR in EU.
  4. CSR measuring and reporting. CSR guidelines and standards in the EU. European retailers’ reporting practice in the field of CSR.
  5. Contemporary key trends in the field of CSR of retail business. Comparative analysis of CSR development in Russia and in the European countries. The future of CSR in European retailing.

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